Barbie Halloween Witches

Witches are mysterious and also the most conventional beings and these entities are integrated with Halloween. Generally, people imagine the witch in a typical way, such as an old and ugly lady with a big beak nose. You will imagine that she always cooks some potion is brewing inside a cauldron, and you think that she has a sidekick, including a black cat. But, the fact is this grubby image of with was started long back if you go way back to the history of witches and witchcrafts you will understand how it started.

In the history, it shows, thousands of years ago, unlike now, people use to live with the bare necessities. They did not have the luxury that this modern people have, and they did not have and modern medicine and cure. When an individual gets sick or suffering from pain, or ill, then they will not get much treatment, and gradually they will die. In those days when people get ill, then getting treatment is impossible and people use to take help from sage women who know about the herbal healings, and other herbal treatments. These poised women were very wise and intelligent and they have complete knowledge about the natural medicine. Later the version has changed into a bad old woman who steers potion in a cauldron.

Check out our collection of Barbie Halloween Witches below.

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barbie halloween witch ; xHalloween-Barbie-Dolls

The term Witch is derived from the term Wicca, which means ‘Wise One.’ The women once considered knowledgeable and wise, and people were never considered them to be different from them and they were never afraid of them or avoided the women. However, these witches due to curse or black magic became bad and started to destroy mankind. The Halloween witches are green in color, with emerald skin, a hooked nose, and untamed black hair, this description of Halloween Witch can bring chills to your spine, and you will remember all those creepy childhood stories about witches and their evil screechy laughter.

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