Barbie Halloween Costume Ideas

Want to go as a Barbie doll this Halloween? Here are some tips and ideas to help you look your Barbie best this October 31.

Barbie is not only a popular toy but an icon that makes for a fun Halloween costume. Here are some ideas to help you with your costume.

Pick Your Barbie Doll

Your best bet is to pick your favorite Barbie doll and then do your best to match her outfit. You can go online and look at Barbie dolls from past to present and choose the one you like. A useful website with descriptions and photos of Barbie dolls is Deni’s Vintage Barbies. Or if you or someone you know has a collection of dolls at home, take a look through and pick your favorite. You can go retro and be inspired by Barbie dolls from the 1960s or choose one of the latest Barbies to hit the shelves. You can go glam and dress as Barbie going out on the town or go for a career Barbie outfit from astronaut to veterinarian.

When you are picking your Barbie to emulate, think about who is going to wear it and where the outfit is going to be used. If the outfit is for a child trick-or-treating outside, then you might want to choose a Barbie wearing warmer clothes and more comfortable shoes. If the Barbie costume is for an adult and it’s just for wearing to a party indoors, then a shorter outfit or stilettos are more doable.

Barbie Makeup and Hair

Typically, go for pink blush and pink lipstick; and for the eye makeup see what your chosen Barbie is wearing. Blue or pink eye shadows are good choices if you are going as a more generic Barbie. To add to the doll effect, you can also wear a set of long false eyelashes. Earlier models of Barbie appear to be wearing a thick line of eyeliner, so if you want that retro look, pick up some black liquid eyeliner. There is generally a kind of ‘sweetness’ about Barbie, so although a lot of makeup may be going on your face, try not to make it look overdone.

Barbie has long blonde hair that she wears in a number of ways including long and straight with bangs, a cascade of curls or up in a ponytail. If you don’t have blonde hair you can get a blonde wig; there should be wigs available as most major stores set out a Halloween costume and accessories aisle.

Another option is to dress up as one of Barbie’s friends such as Midge who is known for her red hair or Teresa who has brown hair. There are also a number of Barbie dolls that have been created that have different racial backgrounds from African to Native American.

Getting the Outfit

You can go do a number of things to dress like Barbie. If you or someone you know is handy with a sewing machine, you can go to a fabric store and find a dress pattern and pick out material to match the Barbie outfit you want. Another idea is to go to thrift stores and secondhand stores and bring the Barbie or pictures of the Barbie you want to look like. You will likely not find the exact outfit, but you can find something with a similar look or style. You can also go shopping for a brand new outfit that matches your Barbie’s dress if you want.

Barbie Accessories

Barbie is big on accessories and props. For example, use a hair scrunchie, wristbands, leg warmers and carry a towel to go as workout Barbie. Wear sparkly earrings, necklaces, bracelets, a tiara and carry a wand for a princess Barbie. If you own the Barbie that you are modeled after, you can bring it along for a good conversation piece.

Looking to go dressed as a Barbie doll this Halloween? Decide which Barbie you want to look like and then bring her along to help you find the right outfit, accessories and makeup. When you go out for Halloween you can also bring the doll along to do a little show’n’tell as well.

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