Advent Calendar Provides Meaningful Hands-on Christmas Activity

An advent calendar can be a delightful way to create anticipation for the Christmas holiday. Discover more about types of advent calendars and how to add an individual touch to an advent calendar to make it even more meaningful.

Types of Advent Calendars

Advent calendars are available in a wide variety of styles and price ranges. Even the most simple advent calendar can be special for children as they get the opportunity to recognize the special qualities of the advent season and count down the days ending with Christmas Eve on December 24.

Paper advent calendars might be as simple as a coloring page with 24 items, one to color each day. Other paper advent calendars offer 24 windows, one to be opened each day. A surprise lies behind each window. Some paper advent calendars are within a Christmas-themed book.

Cloth advent calendars often feature 24 numbered pockets in which an item is moved from one pocket to the next for each day before Christmas. These are often hung in a prominent area for everyone at the home to enjoy.

Magnetic advent calendars feature magnets to be added to a scene each day, culminating to the full picture on Christmas Eve. These might have a variety of themes, such as the nativity or a winter scene.

3D advent calendars may be designed in a variety of styles and are often made or wood or thick paper. Most of them have a prize or gift in each slot, such as a piece of candy or small figurine. Examples of themed 3D advent shapes include:

  • Christmas tree
  • House, cottage, log cabin, etc.
  • Village or shops
  • Star
  • Birdhouse
  • Winter scene
  • Box with drawers

Some advent calendars are designed to be turned into a creative game piece with different games to be played as the weeks progress while others might have special readings or projects for each day. Some people simply mark the 24 days in December prior to December 25 on an advent calendar. Many churches begin the Advent season on the fourth Sunday before Christmas, ending with Christmas Eve.

Create a Meaningful Christmas for Kids with an Advent Calendar

Many children eagerly anticipate the Christmas season, and an advent calendar can help kids to mark off the first twenty-four days in December as they prepare for the special winter holiday. A wide variety of advent calendars are available, from simple coloring sheets to 3D models complete with individual prizes.

Those who wish to turn an advent calendar into a teachable moment might wish to gather 24 different ideas for teaching about Christmas. For example, choose a related scripture for each figure in a nativity-related advent calendar or research Christmas-related topics to accompany each day of the advent calendar. Add a special ornament to the tree on each of the days, sharing a special family Christmas memory or select a Christmas-themed children’s book to read each day or week. Singing Christmas songs to accompany the advent readings or planning a special craft each day can also be a fun way to enjoy this special holiday season together.

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