Adorable Hand and Footprint Craft for Homemade Christmas Presents

Here is a wonderful Christmas craft for children of all ages. Friends and family will love receiving this adorable homemade Christmas present. Use this holiday project for a baby’s first Christmas and capture those tiny hands and feet in a wearable keepsake.

Cover the work area with old newspapers and wear old clothes because this craft can get messy. Although the paint is washable, it does not wash out of clothing.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer T-shirt Christmas Craft

Here is an adorable hand and foot reindeer t-shirt that makes a wonderful homemade Christmas present for dad and grandpa. Try an angel t-shirt Christmas craft for the women in the family or turn Rudolph into Clarice with a sweet antler bow.

Rudolph T-shirt Christmas Craft Supplies

  • white t-shirt in appropriate size
  • washable acrylic or t-shirt paint (brown)
  • red craft pompoms
  • white glue
  • loose gold glitter
  • red ribbon
  • paper plates
  • paper towels or baby wipes for cleanup

Rudolph T-shirt Christmas Craft Instructions

  1. Place a paper plate centered between the front and back of the t-shirt to keep the paint from seeping through. Pour the brown paint into a paper plate.
  2. Let each child step in the paint or manually paint the bottom of their foot with an even coat. Step down firmly on the shirt with the toes pointing toward the collar.
  3. This step is easier if one hand is done at a time. Paint the hand brown and press firmly onto the t-shirt. The thumbs should be pointing toward the collar with the bottom of the hand overlapping the toes. Repeat this step with the other hand and make sure the thumbs aren’t touching. The fingers and thumbs are the reindeer’s antlers.
  4. While the paint is still very wet, sprinkle the gold glitter onto the thumbs and fingers. This is the reindeer’s magic dust to help them fly! Allow the t-shirt to completely dry before finishing the Christmas craft.
  5. Place a drop of glue centered at the bottom of the foot’s heel. Apply a red pompom to be Rudolph’s shiny nose. Then the kids can use different color paints to add the facial features. If the reindeer is to be a female, use a small amount of the ribbon to create a bow. Glue the bow at the bottom of one of the palms.
  6. Remember to add their name and the date to the shirt for future reference.

Those hands and feet won’t stay small forever and this is a wonderful way to always remember just how small they once were. Crafts are the perfect way to get in the spirit of Christmas while creating homemade presents and decorations. Let your child experience the gift of giving this holiday season with this fun Christmas craft!

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