A Vacation Package through Scandinavia – Denmark, Sweden, Norway

This tour is set up to make the most of the time in the countries of Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Taking a night flight and arriving in Copenhagen in the early morning you maximize the days and lower the hotel costs. This allows seventeen full days and only fifteen nights. The time difference from Las Vegas to Copenhagen is nine hours. The tour is built on three desires, to perform classical choral music concerts in Europe, to facilitate a cultural exchange as ambassadors of Nevada and to sightsee and shop. The Myron Heaton Chorale is known for its international touring, as well as, its great singing. With this tour, both will be enjoyed.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Three full days are allowed in Copenhagen, there will be two concerts to perform. These days may be filled with many temptations including Tivloi Gardens; National Museum; Rosenborg Castle, Treasury, and gardens; museum of Danish Resistance; and Carlsberg Brewery. The children back home should be rewarded with Lego’s and the stories of Hans Christian Andersen.

A tour of Sweden

Following the stay in Copenhagen, the bus ride into Sweden across the Oresund bridge-tunnel provides views of the countryside. The fifth day of our tour ends with a concert in Alvesta. Here the cultural exchange reaches it’s peak with a home stay among the families of Alvesta. Alvestra is referred to as the Kingdom of Crystal. A crystal purchase here would be in keeping with our cultural exchange. The bus ride continues to Stockholm the capital of Sweden, a beautiful city set on fourteen islands. A boat tour here will allow the traveler to grasp the flavor of the city. Two days are allowed for Stockholm with one evening concert.

Oslo to Bergen Norway

Day eight features a bus ride into Norway, stopping for three days in Oslo the capital city. In Oslo there are two concerts, but much free time to explore. The individual exploration may include Frogner Park with the work of sculpture Gustav Vigeland, The Norwegian Folk Museum, City Hall, the National Gallery, the Viking Ship Museum and the Kon-Tiki Museum.

Leaving Oslo, the bus ride continues through the beautiful landscapes of Norway with stops and concerts in Trondheim and Kristiansund. The third day is an exciting drive across the “troll’s path” to Geiranger and a cruise of the Geiranger Fjord. The cruise ends at Hellesylt and the bus ride continues to Loen. Day fourteen is a driving day with a stop in Skei with an opportunity to purchase woven product. The bus ride will end with the arrival in Bergen. There are two days in Bergen with one concert. Day sixteen is again a day with much traveling via bus, ferry and underwater tunnels to Stavanger and the final concert.

Day seventeen is all travel from Stavanger to Copenhagen, Washington and finally back home to Las Vegas. This completes an adventure which included so many different experiences including much singing and many new friends.

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