5 Worst Christmas Gifts for Your Wife

As the holiday season approaches the age-old question comes up, “What do I get my wife for Christmas?” Men have wrestled with this question for centuries and many have succeeded in buying the perfect gift. Unfortunately, many men have failed miserably. Just ask the early caveman that bought his wife a new club for hunting, only to be beaten with that very club.

The perfect Christmas gift is very difficult to identify and depends on too many individual factors. The list below will not lead you on the path to the perfect gift, but hopefully it will steer you away from buying the wrong gift.

Anything Related to Weight-Loss is a Bad Christmas Gift

I hope you are not surprised by this one. Gym memberships, weight-loss books, and workout equipment are definite no-nos when it comes to Christmas presents. Even if your intentions are good and your wife has mentioned that she wants to get healthier…don’t go there. When you buy the gift of weight loss you are saying that she needs it and you don’t.

So, if you are thinking about buying any of these things, wait until New Year’s resolution time and you and your wife can both make goals to get healthier together. Going together and picking out a treadmill or eliptical that you will both use is much safer for you and your marriage.

Anything With a Plug – No Small Appliances

A brand new, top-of-the-line toaster oven may seem harmless to you, but when she opens it Christmas morning and throws it at you, then you will realize how dangerous it really is. I know what you’re thinking, “She has been complaining about that food processor for months, she is going to love this.” Well, you’re wrong. Your wife may want a new toaster or blender, but she doesn’t want to unwrap one.

“But a vacuum would make her life so much easier.” No, you doing all the vacuuming from now on would make her life much easier. Buying her a vacuum makes her feel like a live-in maid. Actually, that’s a great idea: buy your wife a maid for Christmas.

Clothing can be a Risky Christmas Gift

If you have ever bought your wife clothing as a gift, congratulations; you are either very brave or very stupid. When you purchase clothing for your significant other you are taking some huge risks. First, most women are very picky about their clothes. It’s not just about the appearance of the sweater, it’s also about the type of fabric, the style, cut, and a whole bunch of other things that men don’t quite understand.

The biggest risk in buying clothes for a Christmas gift is buying the wrong size. If you buy the clothes to small you inadvertently send the message that you think she is too big. If you buy clothes to big then you are telling her that you think she looks bigger than she really is. Jewelry is one-size-fits-all and is a much safer purchase.

Restaurant or Movie Theatre Gift Cards

If you have young children and a hectic life you are probably thinking that a date night with your wife is the perfect Christmas gift, and you would be right. However, buying your wife gift cards for dinner and a movie is not the way to go about it. Gift cards send the message that you want to take her on a date, but you want her to use her Christmas present to pay for it. Gift cards tend to be very impersonal and show a lack of effort on your part since you can buy gift cards at just about any grocery store or Seven-Eleven.

Also, gift cards tend to get put away and forgotten about. If you are wanting to give your wife a date night for Christmas but you don’t get around to actually going out until the end of January, it kind of defeats the purpose. Like I said earlier, date nights can make for great Christmas gifts for your wife, but you need to go about it differently. Consider finding a dinner-theater nearby and buy your wife tickets for Christmas. Concert tickets are also a great way to give a date night as a gift. This way you have a specific date night planned, and it shows that you did more than grab a gift card at the checkout stand.

Car or Computer Related Gifts

Your wife may love cars or really be a techie, but in most cases car or computer related gifts are a bad idea. Yes, your wife needs a new set of tires on her car, but not for Christmas. Maybe your wife could really use a new external hard drive, but please don’t wrap it and put it under the Christmas tree. Car and computer related gifts typically fall into the category of necessity rather than a gift that your wife really wants.

There are a few exceptions to this rule. A brand new laptop or a new iPod with a personalized engraving make for great gifts because they fall in the category of want, not necessity. Also, if you are planning on buying your wife a car for Christmas, go for it. A brand new car is definitely an exception to the rule. Just make sure you don’t buy her new tires next year.

I hope you take my advice and avoid these disastrous gifts this year. The five gifts listed above are also bad for anniversary presents, birthday presents, and Valentine’s Day gifts.

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