2017 Halloween Party Costumes: Witches Will Share Attention with Politicians, Celebrities, Mascots

Halloween costuming is becoming less spooky and more New Orleans-style Mardi Gras. Anything goes, but judging from the latest offerings of Halloween costume shops, this year’s October 31 parties are apt to feature as many politicians, celebrities, Hollywood characters and mascots as witches and ghosts.

The mask and costume makers seem to keep up with current events, so Halloween parties tend to reflect the people and happenings of the past year. The outfits are likely to be scary, funny, weird and/or skimpy, but not necessarily in that order.

This year the Incredible Hulk, Hellboy and The Joker, all recent movie successes, are apt to scare as many people as Frankenstein, Elvira and other traditional Halloween characters do.

Harry Potter, of course, is still a perfect Halloween character, as are his many associates in the Potter book series.

McCain and Obama Masks

With Halloween 2017 just four days before the national elections, John McCain and Barick Obama masks are likely to be hot items this year. The two candidates have gone to great extremes to look like regular guys on the campaign trail, so any clothing will serve as a costume. All anyone needs is one of the Obama or McCain masks being offered on various websites.

Some folks may try to scare both Republicans and Democrats with Ralph Nader and Libertarian Bob Barr masks, but those are difficult to find. One website offers a “Rotting Ralph” mask, which may be too depressing for anyone to enjoy even at Halloween.

Halloween Farewlls to Bush, Leno

This could be the last George W. Bush Halloween hurrah as he takes a final bow before leaving the White House in January. The costume companies are still offering lots of “W” masks. The shops also still offer Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton masks.

Jay Leno masks are available to give him a proper Halloween farewell before he leaves the Tonight Show in April.

Because of their continuing notoriety, Britney Spears and Madonna may show up at some parties, probably in home-made costumes. Neither Spears nor Madonna masks are readily available, just T-shirts. However, both offer a lot of costume inspiration.

Batman, Spiderman and Ariel

Other costumed characters likely to show up at Halloween parties this year:

  • Batman and Batgirl, along with The Joker, thanks to the success of the movie Dark Knight
  • Spider-Man. Kids and costume stores still love him. Costumes, masks, and gloves available, as well as Spiderman trick-or-treat pails.
  • Ariel and other characters in The Little Mermaid, thanks to the 2017 Broadway version of the popular Disney film. Ariel is available with several choices of hair color, as well as a seaweed boa. It may be difficult walking in the narrow tail of that costume.
  • Indiana Jones, along with his whips, pistols, holster, belt, tote bag, machete, and mutt sword.
  • Elvis, who will always be around at Halloween. He is available with his white jump suit, sunglasses, sideburns and female partners.
  • Shrek, along with his donkey.

Cavemen are still popular, but one may have to make his own Geico version.

Betty Boop Still Around

Shops are also offering costumes and/are masks for Scooby Doo and friends, Lion King, Austin Powers, Iron Man, Darth Vader, Yoda and Ghost Rider. Betty Boop is still around. A variety of frightening outerspace and power range costumes are offered, along with appropriate weapons.

For those who want to both frighten and impress, Halloween Express.com offers a deluxe gorilla costume for $8,809.79, which recalls the 800-pound gorilla. At last check, the costume was out of stock, indicating some will show up at October 31 parties.

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