Creative Christmas Gifts

With recent news reports about lead paint in toys, it’s difficult to choose gifts for children that are guaranteed to be safe. This year, be creative and choose a fun, inexpensive, unique gift for the special child in your life that they’ll truly enjoy and appreciate.

Creative Christmas Gifts for Kids: Movies

Kids of all ages love to go to the movies. How about purchasing a gift certificate for movie tickets to their local movie theatre? Present the gift creatively- a popcorn box filled with movie theatre candy, as well as the gift certificate will surely be accepted with much enthusiasm by children of any age (this gift would be perfect for kids 5 and up who will appreciate its meaning).

Creative Holiday: Make Your Own

There are tons of great kits out there that teach kids to make something. Learn to Knit, Make Your Own Candy, Paint Your Own Nesting Dolls, Ice Cream Making, Calligraphy, Make Your Own Lip Balm, Pottery Wheels, and more would make a creative, unique gift for a child.

Fun Christmas: A Day at the Zoo

Kids love animals. The best gift you can give a child is your time, so this gift will be exciting on Christmas morning. You might present the gift with a large stuffed animal, a t-shirt from the zoo you’ll be visiting, and a pair of tickets. And don’t forget to include some peanuts for the elephants!

Christmas Gift for the Whole Year: Magazines

There are magazines for kids of all ages. Whether it’s Highlights for Children, Nickelodeon magazine for younger kids or Teen Vogue or Mad magazine for older kids, find the one that the child will enjoy, buy a copy and a subscription in the child’s name and wrap the sample magazine with a note that says “Enjoy Your Subscription to _______ for the Year!” Kids will remember receiving this personal gift every month for the upcoming year!

Creative Christmas Kids: Art

Another creative idea for a holiday gift for a child is to let them be creative. Kids’ back-to-school art supplies have all gotten diminished by now, so this gift will be timely and appreciated by parents as well! Put together a huge basket filled with art supplies. Construction paper, paints, markers, glitter glue, and other fun items will make a beautiful, colorful gift that will be enjoyed for months to come.

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