10 Cheap Halloween and Harvest Party Ideas that are Fun

10 Halloween games and crafts that can be fun at your school party. Supplies are cheap, and games are easy and fun to play.

It is difficult to be creative and thrifty in the autumn, when school children are depending on you to make their Halloween and Harvest parties fun. A lack of funding for education makes it difficult to spend school money on parties, but celebrating the season with friends is what makes school memorable and fun. A few creative ideas can allow you to have a fun Halloween or Harvest party that is affordable for the school and easy on the parents and teachers.

10 Cheap Halloween Crafts and Games

Pumpkin Ring Toss: materials needed are a few large pumpkins with an intact stem, and plastic rings to toss. The amount of pumpkins and rings depends on the amount of teams you want to form. Toss the rings onto the pumpkin stem, seeing which team can do so in the shortest amount of time.

Candy Corn Relay: materials needed are a few bowls full of candy corn and plastic spoons. Divide into 2 teams, scoop the candy corn with a spoon, then carry the candy 10-20 feet and dump it into an empty container. Repeat the relay until the once empty bowl is full of candy corn. The first team to finish WINS!

Autumn Bookmarks: materials are paper, scissors, crayons and yarn. Create autumn theme bookmarks with any harvest or Halloween design. Pumpkins, corn, and leaves are all good suggestions. Make a hole in the top of the bookmark and tie a loop of yarn through it.

Witches Hat: materials needed are black construction paper, a stapler, glue, and colored paper to decorate. Wrap the back construction paper in a cone shape and staple. Cut out a circle, larger than the bottom of the cone, and glue the cone to the circle. This should now look like a witches hat. Use the colorful paper to decorate the hat with shapes such as with stripes, ghosts, or spiders.

Hand Print Spiders: materials needed are black finger paints, marker and paper. Stain the four fingers and palms of each hand with paint, not the thumb. Make an imprint of each hand facing outward, so that the four fingers of each hand face the opposite side of the paper. This will appear as a spider, then decorate a face for the spider with markers after the paint dries.

Halloween Popcorn Bag: materials needed are brown or white lunch-size paper bags, popcorn, twist tie or staples, and markers or crayons. Use marker or crayons to decorate the outside of the bag with a Halloween or harvest theme decoration. Stuff the popcorn in the bag and secure with a tie or staples.

Monster Creation: using an old stack of magazines, cut out all types of body parts and features. Glue these different types of body features onto a piece of paper, creating a monster. Be creative, making the monster appear creepy with mismatched body parts.

Halloween Picture Frames: materials needed are popsicle sticks, glue, and markers. Glue the popsicle sticks into a rectangular shape, as large as desired. Decorate the outside of the frame with Halloween or harvest theme decoration. Be sure to include name and year made, as this will probably be a keepsake.

Pumpkin Bowling: materials needed are several small pumpkins and plastic bowling pins. Use the pumpkin as a bowling ball, knocking down as many pins as possible. Depending on skill level, you may compete individually, or team against team. If bowling pins are not available, use empty plastic bottles.

Cookie Decorating: plain sugar cookies will need to be prepared ahead of time; other materials needed are orange and black icing, and plastic knives. Give each person a sugar cookie, let them decorate it, and eat it if desired. One or two parent volunteers from each room should be asked to donate cookies.

Keys to Making the Party Successful

These ideas are fun, yet inexpensive. Be sure to have someone in charge of organizing the party and getting supplies so you can assure it is a success. Parents are usually willing to donate supplies, and even time when asked. Send home notes prior to the party asking for help. Donated items cut down on the amount of money that will need to be spent by the school.

The party will run smoothly if you divide the activities into stations. Put a parent volunteer or teacher in charge at each location. Rotating everyone through on a time schedule will assure that each person gets an opportunity to do each activity.

The party can be a success with a some planning and hard work. Use your volunteers, they can be a key in making the party fun for everyone involved. Smile, be patient, and have fun with the kids! You are creating memories and keepsakes that will last a lifetime.

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